Louis Vuitton Siena PM Handbags Review $150 USD

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Today we’re going to discuss the Louis Vuitton sienna p.m., this is a great top handle bag by the method in which on it comes in the Demi been print-only.

This bag retails within the United States for $1,500 the measurements are twelve.8 inches across eight point three inches in height and essential.7 inches in depth.

This bag presents a shoulder strap here that long with the 21 and a half inch drop, that is on the longest setting fire to shorten it up here the strap drop will be 19 inches in length.

This bag has gold hardware with louisvuitton accidents here, it additionally offers a hook on the medial side. this is lee a dark tone on both sides of the hook.
you am able to see that here that’s on both sides now one feature that i’m not particularly happy about will be the front of.

This bag here says Lee the tongue with two rivets on the front side now when you turn it around it’s going to not say that on the back it’s just an empty tag i would assume the player would start on both sides. however for some reason they didn’t it doesn’t bother me enough not to purchase item but it did bother me just a little bit, when I purchased it Believed me let seeing strange which has nothing inside the back even although the front has pretty little.

Rivets and it’s embossed there so this is the treated handles the coded leather handles he’s talking about is completely an all-weather bag you don’t have any to report a workout rain or snow or anything like that.

I appreciate that with that bag, now when you open it up it opens to a red textile lining interior the tag on Ian says louisvuitton Paris the tag on the inside here says made in the u.s..

Day close-up on that we’re not really big on where my bags are produced with, i know some individuals are more particular than i am but to each their own this bag features one slip pocket in the back to slip pockets in the front.

Now these pockets here on the front are perfect size for smartphone, maybe not the the six plus our any one the really large handsets those could possibly be fitted just nicely in this back slip pocket.

Here so I’m this bag does not have a feet on the bottom, you will see that calls for just a solid bottom with across stitching, I didn’t notice, because i am going execute a review here. so take into consideration like this bag.

But i did notice that after use see this, can see this the tags that are saved to the side they’re starting to turnover out.

Now i understand that some bags possess the cattle odd the candidate edging payroll, but for some reason my treated leather edging is rolling. so i’m not particularly like that my strap is adjustable that’s um that’s really.

Useful put on it crossbody it does have two parts that develop the strap down which is really useful, because sometimes after a while with where that the end will start to turnover up. but because this mini keyboard has an additional constructed fit very snugly on their. it holds it down who’s doesn’t stick up when you’re wearing it.

I appreciate that now this bag wasn’t really in my little radar i kinda just saw it, one day and thought that’s interesting i don’t actually know if Adore this plate here towards the front on the web. after some time I decided you desire to kind of do like that plate within front and i’m looking at a small bag that has a wide mouth opening that can fit just my daily.

Essentials certain need space for excess things because I carry with it Carrie and that’s about it. I do not need room additional things i have just ever usable bags when i can put substances that I purchase something in those. I do not have set them in my purse there is nothing don’t usually carry anything else I don’t carry an extra scarf or a jacket in that way but i’d need space to put inside my purse much more wanted something.

That I would actually fit all of my items in limited more space, so i have another video called what’s in my bag and it’s also all linked down below in its in this bag and i’ll show you everything that fits inside how show you.

How functional really is i did some more shots during that video demonstrate how it fits on the body.

I think it’s a very good bag, i would purchase again i for you to say that I’ve had 3 months now maybe two and a half months there is nothing have needed to force.

Myself to get out of this bag because i have been enjoying it so much like literally because it’s so carefree and i didn’t really ever much like a bag by using a top handle before but this one is.

So, lightweight we don’t mind it on the crook of my arm it doesn’t seem to bother me it seems very comfortable and functional and uncomplicated to wear and I don’t have any problems this kind of bag. I really feel like I wish I might have purchased this bag sooner it’s very carefree. I haven’t had any problems with any cracking I’ve been checking everyone of my edges, I’ve been checking everything to make confident that, i haven’t had any cracking or any peeling.

I know that sometimes those actions can happen, i’ve been checking all the edging to make sure i haven’t had any pool. when i have had this really full but i have it.

I did when i originally purchased it, i noticed that when i got home the strap hook here has a hook something like this the strap broke these was super scratched up and additional something Being happy.

About view it just contacted my essay and she just sent me out an alternative strap and i exchanged it really been enjoying this bad have 0 complaints about it just like I said surface things as it not having the design here and they little guys slipping up to utilize those.

So minor the functionality of their bag like totally just begins any of those small little complaints i own the zipper this it was actually easy to use some people said that they’ve had sagging getting wearing it when they zip it up and its really full.

It type of like Ben’s going to discover here, from the medial side my doesn’t actually do it like had been talking about but some people are complaining that it kind of bends as it slipped up and it’s late against your body.

Mine doesn’t do that and I think it’s probably because i achieve it fairly full everything my partner and i use built in fills it up pretty good and Which i keep it open.

It’s really easily accessible it’s such a wide mouth is actually such a difference from a speed enjoyed this video the silhouette associated with speedy but i wanted something with a wider mouth that I could anything that I want to into it easily, now I even can fit an Adele wallet which is a fairly long wallet straight down in here with my other items as way though.

I usually have to tilt it that is because of my other items it’s not because of the width from the bag. it can be got such a generous widemouth hear that everything fits inside when you open it you can see at having a look you seeking. You can see all your items require have to dig around for anything.

There’s necessary if you build for a purse organizer, because it’s fairly smaller than average and everything. that matches it exists at a glance, so on the other hand to size if appear at a speedy 25 and then you look at a speed 30 is definitely real a fairly good amount of space difference right as well as the speedy 25. Has a smaller opening i’d say that this bag i don’t possess either of the aforementioned.

So this thing is in the middle size wise literally the speedy 30 is just a touch bigger in the cost 25 will only be a touch smaller so if you are looking for something just in between.

This is perfect reduce I said it opens ginormous here so it is a lot easier than the speedy to get in and regarding your and it does have the benefit from the crossbody strap experience to pick the bandolier to do that. so anyways I’m really happy with this bag I hope you guys liked this review one does do supply a thumbs up. if you’ve never been to my channel before go ahead and click subscribe button below, i am aware i have been t.i.a a little bit lately, but i really do appreciate everyone who are still following me to continue to subscribe observe my videos and i hope you enjoyed reading this review on the cni p.m..

In the den an event print i hope you guys have an incredible day, take care and bye!